Interface for Clamav

I think it could be a nice feature, if you can integrate an interface for clamav, to view what is blocked, which version is the database and if there’s a problem or everything is ok.

There’s an Antivirus section in the dashboard.
A report of blocks is available in the Enterprise version of NethServer.

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I’ve activated clamav at web content filter, but I don’t have a Antivurus section in Dashboard.
I tried to install Intrusion Prevention, after that I had an IPS section but no antivirus.

I’ve installed V7 RC2

Hi Michael,

hope it’s o.k. to jump in. I just red this thread and I think this is what filippo ment:


Thanks, I think I’m blind, I haven’t senn this.

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It would be a nice idea to expand on the AV interface, give an option to manually update the virus signature database (as well as allowing admin users to redefine where to download the signatures from – ie from a 3rd party / alternative repository), allow a choice either for infected files to be placed within a ‘quarantined’ directory / filesystem or to be able to be immediately deleted. As well as an option to either scheduled or immediately execute a full scan of ibays / shares / filesystem and a function to view previous virus checker logs files / scans.

I am aware that clamav does have large amount of options, it would be interesting to have an interface that allows for enabling / disabling of some of these option (such as having a choice to toggle heuristic scan precedence), as well as allowing summaries / reports to be e-mailed to an administrators mail address.

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Do you know if such interface exists yet? There’s nothing that I’m aware of.

I was thinking on the same lines as ClamTK (TK library / GTK2 interface), KlamAV (KDE), ClamXav (OS X) and ClamWin (MS Windows).

There is a module for Webmin that does this but last time I looked at this project (a year ago approx), this project was extremely buggy and I believe that it has had no further development since.

But this Webmin project could be a good start or give some inspiration for further NS / ClamAV integration.


What’s about ClamTK? I’ve read that it uses the GTK+ Library.
GTK+ has HTML5 support, so you can bring an app like clamtk to a website.
IT’s only an idea, but perhaps it can help.