Interesting server test

I found an interesting server test system today

It’s interesting to learn how other professionals work:

It really is frustrating that NS7 doesn’t allow you to do much of anything (of relevance to this tool, enable HTTP → HTTPS redirect) to configure the default virtual host. Apparently you aren’t intended to serve any content out of that vhost (presumed since you can’t do anything to configure it other than enable FTP access), but they don’t bother to actually tell you that. Hopefully NS8 will be better in this regard.

Since NS8 is still in development, maybe it can be requested?

Playing around with the webserver configuration in NS8, it looks like there is no “default virtual host” as there is in NS7–if you want a virtual host, you need to explicitly add it, and you have the options, both to redirect to HTTPS, and to pick a PHP version, neither of which you can do with the default virtual host in NS7 (unless you use the old server-manager, in which case you can do the latter, but it’s hidden in Cockpit).

Is there any way you can reconfigure to use ports 80/443 as seen by the “outside world”, which was the default in NS7.


I don’t think I understand the question. The webserver in NS8 does use 80/443 by default. There doesn’t seem to be any way to set it to use other ports–is that what you’re asking about?

For Cluster Admin. I’d like to use 80/443 for serving web pages.


…and the webserver module doesn’t do this?

OK, I’ve now tested this, and of course the webserver module uses 80/443 for serving web pages–what made you think it didn’t?

What I’m not a fan of there is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to get any content into the virtual host other than the SFTPGo web form–there’s no filesystem path assigned to the virtual host, so no way I can see to ssh into the host and copy or otherwise modify files there.

How are you getting to the Cluster Administration now.


The same way as before: https://server_fqdn/cluster/admin/. You’d set up a virtual host with a different FQDN. All listen on 80/443.

I guess that’s the piece I was alluding to, but didn’t mention. I want to keep the same FQDN as I have for the server, so existing callers don’t have to change…


Yeah, NS7 doesn’t really deal very well with that either. It kind of seems that the intention for both is that the server’s main FQDN be reserved for administration, and any web content would be via a virtual host with a different FQDN.

Edit: This suggests to me that the server’s “main” FQDN should be be one that’s reserved for administrative purposes, maybe even an “admin” subdomain or something similar.

Edit 2: This looks like a bug in the webserver module: it allows you to create a virtual host with the same FQDN as the main server FQDN–and once you do, you’re then locked out of the /cluster-admin/ system. This should probably be logged as a bug somewhere. @stephdl? @davidep? Any suggestions?