Interactive search ignores "Search in" folder

Nethserver 7.9.2009, Webtop 1.7.6

In “interactive search” (started by hitting Ctrl-Enter inn the quick search entry field), the selection of the “search in folder” in the upper left seems to be ignored or wrong.

E.g. Empty the Recycle bin, search for something and then select “search in Reycle bin”, which should give zero results, but the old search results are still there.

Sorry for the very late response, I was at holiday. Perhaps @webtop_team can help here.

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@lucag Can you help?

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Hi @m.traeumner and @carsten … sorry for the delay :relieved:
Personally I have never been able to replicate the problem described here:

I also tried to leave the advanced search window open, after doing the search and emptying the Trash folder (for example), clicking again on the “Search” button the results shown before disappear as I expected.

Can you provide further details and screenshots on how to replicate the problem ?


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Just search for something and then select a different folder in the upper right, but nothing changes in the lilst of messages.

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Hi @carsten,
I apologize to you for not understanding well and from the beginning the type of problem you described :relieved: :grimacing:

I confirm the presence of the bug for which I just opened this issue:

Thank you very much for reporting …


I today observed, that sometimes the results change, but in a way, which doesn’t seem to correspond to the selected folder in the listbox.

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