Integration of network monitor for IoT

Hi guys,
Looking on internet for a tool to monitor network traffic (mostly non usual traffic), I stumble across this:


It is a network monitor that will allow you to see to “who” your IoT devices are speaking, without you even knowing.
For example your Smart TV’s, your camera, your Roku devices etc.
Maybe it should be a module in NS ? what do you think ?

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It can be great tool
To make o good supervision of all connected things!

I remenber an HP tool making supervision discovering all smnp events on the network…
It was great…

To do the same thing with IOT it’s a must have!

It’s not really the same thing, but another security measure (and one I’ve taken) is to put all the IoT devices on their own VLAN, with very minimal access to my primary LAN. I don’t currently monitor what else those devices are doing, but having them on a separate network segment would make that easier too.

Hi @Ctek,

Funny you bring this to the table as I was tinkering on a solution here @home. Out of curiousity I bought a darn cheap (€ 16) smart ceiling lamp. And monitored it with Wireshark. The traffic and what the lamp stores is unbelievable, it pings out when it switched on every 15 min. It tries to store the location of the smart phone you are using to control it.
It is really scary stuff :grimacing: Do not under estimate how may (malicious) code you can put in 2Mb of flash!

And i fully agree with @danb35 to put your IoT devices as much as possible to a isolated VLAN .

In the end did opted for the hardwa(y)re because the wifi/mcu module wasn’t documented so could not get homebrew / open-source firmware on it . From a Chinese reference figured out the pin out which was pin-completable enough to exchange it with an esp8266 flashed with open-source Tasmota firmware. :smiley:

Full in control now.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take away is: it is a real concern!


And imagine when your friend with is phone come… when the phone itself scan…
The « smart » lamp, for exemple, can simply transmit by the friend smartphone…

I think that’s a good feature to take the control over this IoT… even on a well segmented network, there’s frame to control.

Well done :rofl::rofl:

This topic just emphasizes how much I hate those crappy IoT equipment, loaded with spyware and with a lack of security measurements.


I love this little IoT cause of we have lot of things to search, to prevent, to comunicate and to do :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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For your smart home looks really interesting. Welcome back @Ctek happy to see you still around

Hi Mark,
Great thing to replace the original board with one that has flashable tasmota.
I think that this IoT monitor and Pi Hole is a must have.
Toghether with good practices as Dan saied. Segregation and micro segmentation of networks.

@alefattorini Thanks for the warm greeting. The monitor is not only for home. When you have a BMS, even if you have a separate network, you want to know that your sensors and actuators are not chatting with some other undocumented party.

I don’t know if this app can be integrated or not, but as Robb and Jim also mentioned. We all need to make our networks secure, Home SOHO or Enterprise.

I hope I will have some time to be in the community more if time permits :slight_smile:

So you think it can be integrated into NS ? as a package or docker ?

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In Le Monde today:
IoT: Amazon preparing the holp-up!

( Lot of « big data in the game)

In another newpaper: Welcome in the Society of contrôle.

And you can tranquilly eard in your music player Pink Floyd « The Wall » :ghost:

:musical_score:We dont need no force control :musical_score:

There are many more devices phoning home. Not only IoT devices:


Yes, of course.

But with devices like HPs, Epsons, with a well tuned configuration, it’s possible to disable such traffic…
With IoT, it more diffult, really unituitive, perhaps impossible to disable such… traffic? Feature? Crap? How to describe this detail?