Integrated scheduled AD container reboot

A way for the administrator for schedule within defined timing (daily, weekly, monthly, trimester, quarter) an NSDC reboot.

Why would I need an automated restart of NSDC?

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In NS7, sometimes SSSD is victim of an AD container hiccup. In NS7 via Cockpit currently the restart of the container can’t be triggered, only the restart of SSSD.

Might be useful to gain this possibility in NS8. Added the tag for specify that (was not present in the first post )

Very, very rarely, as seen in 30> NethServers 7.9…

But, it can happen… Total of 3 in the last 5 years for over 30 NS7 in all…
Still, a regular SSSD restart is NOT needed and is way more than overkill…

Solving an issue by regular rebooting is NOT solving the problem, but pushing it aside until it becomes too big to ignore (or fix!)…

My 2 cents

If you update regularly the guests and the host of PVE… how many times NS and the container are rebooted in a semester? Never? Once? Three times?

Your size fits you, Andy and thanks for sharing your experience and beliefes.
Unfortunately, short answers without explaining (briefly) the environment do not provide a faithfully representation of what you do.
This not means you’re telling something untrue; these two sentences
“I never reboot nethserver for performances issues”
“I never reboot nethserver for performances issues, however I reboot NethServer or the host every three months for updates”
are both true and faithful, however… picture quite different scenarios.


“My Size” are Networks with 1 - 80 Users, most single site, some multi-site.

The smallest has a Home Office here in Switzerland with Proxmox and PBS to run his NethServer and a Windows VM for Bookkeeping purposes, and he is usually a few weeks here, then a few weeks abroad (Mostly Germany, but not only…) and accesses his Windows over OpenVPN/RDP.
And, knowing your preference for it (joke), will soon be switching to WireGuard, which works extremly well, secure and fast!

The largest has three sites, 70 Users in the main site and 10 users in two other sites. Proxmox and PBS at main site, OffSite Backup including VMs daily to the other sites. NethServer AD running stable for all sites.

The main difference is, I don’t use the word “never”, as everyone knows in IT, sh*t happens!

And there’s always a PEBCAC problem:
“Problem Exists Between Chair And Console”
Happens in the best familys, bad day, bad coffee, whatever! Myself included! :slight_smile:

If anyone’s interested, they can read my profile, stating more or less what I do…

My 2 cents

Most used by me is PEBCAS
“Problem exists between chair and the server”.
The problem is me :wink:


Seems you do have the copyright on your version, mine is the old “standard”…

At least we both have the humor to imply it to ourselves! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents