Integrate IGSuite

Since a lot of these features are present in Nethserver, I would like to see about maybe having something like IGSuite integrated as well.

It’s an integrated Groupware that can be setup to email, fax, calendar, etc. which I think would be beneficial to the community as a resource.

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Installation worked well in a virtualhost:

Get mysql root password from .my.cnf

I used following settings for installation:

# ./
Login [mylogin]: admin
Password [mypwd]: SECRET
Web User []: apache
DB User [yourDbLogin]: root
Insert the Password to DataBase access [yourDbPwd]: root password from .my.cnf
Directory dei dati [/srv/www/htdocs]: /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/04071a8812925ea/ (custom vhost) or /var/www/html/ (default vhost)

It seems the release of the app is old (2012) and I didn’t find an LDAP module to integrate Neth users…
The most recent snapshot is not working here…

I meant natively it be a great piece of software to have integrated. Since it includes a lot of the features that Nethserver has, it’d be nice to have a common place for users to utilize it.

I wasn’t able to find an LDAP module either. But still think it’s a good example of something that might be beneficial to implement.