Installing Webtop 5

I thought, let’s give WT5 a spin. I signed up for a VPS at Arubacloud and chose a CentOS7 image. SSH-ed into the new server, did a yum update and installed NethServer7.
Then added LDAP account provider and installed WT5. Added DNS for the domain at my registrar.
It took like 10 clicks and a cup of coffee and I had mail running. Still need some ‘getting around’ with webtop, but at first sight it is looking good and running smoothly.


Great feedback and example. Is there anyone else who have used it heavily? @greavette @FixitFelix @m.traeumner

Unfortunately I have had very little free time lately due to work and sick family members. I apologize for not being able to assist.

@alefattorini I used it and constantly checking for the final release.
So far I have not had any issue with it.


Sorry @alefattorini and team…I’ve been pulled into directions I didn’t want to get into which has taken me away from nethserver and WebTop…but I’ve installed another test nethserver today and so far my wildcard certficate, nextcloud install and domain are all working flawlessly! So I’m installing Webtop 5 now and hope to get good results so I can finally move our office to fully use nethserver.

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Thanks guys for replying.
@FixitFelix don’t wory, take care of your family :wink:
@ghost great feedback, how many users and installations do you currently have?
@greavette good to know, keep us in touch. I would be happy to know what are your feelings


So far I have 3 servers in different locations. Total 45 users/accounts

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Hi @alefattorini, I’ve been busy testing WebTop but I’ve run into a major problem that is related to our ssl cert. I know our cert is good (working) because we use it on our existing ownCloud and ClearOS servers without any problems. But when I upload this ssl cert using the nethserver ‘server certificate’ module in the GUI my Webtop completely breaks. It’s not only myself that has this problem but my co-worker has encountered the exact same problem. Before we apply our ssl certs our WebTop works. But as soon as we apply our ssl certs WebTop is unusable. Auth errors when logging in and all our folders for the user we login with are gone.

I’m trying to work with the @webtop_team team and @support_team team under this thread - Need assistance with setting up generic email accounts.

Looking at the errors in my log I can see that other on the Internet have suffered the same error and it’s related to the ssl cert in dovecot. I’m hoping the information I’m providing in that thread will help Nethserver/Webtop find a solution.

Is there anything you can do @alefattorini to get this fix in? If there is anything more I can provide for your team with regards to my setup I’d be happy to help! :slight_smile:

I like what I see from Webtop so far but for our use case I need to have https working so my ssl cert is critical to us moving off our ClearOS to nethserver.