Installing web apps

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: web server

Under SME, if I wanted to install a web app like Nextcloud of Joomla, I’d create an ibay for it, install it in ~ibay/html/, and proceed with the installation. I’d then browse to mydomain/ibayname for the app. What’s the recommended process in Neth? Virtual hosts look like the closest thing, but it looks like they want different FQDNs for each. Do I just unpack the tarball in /var/www/html/appname and go from there?

first way but you miss the vhost configuration

yes install nethserver-virtualhosts, then create one, set the domainName where you want to reach it

that’s it

Of course you need a dns zone at your dns provider. For test purpose you can set the the domain name in your /etc/hosts

nethserver-virtualhosts is already installed, and I already have a couple set up that I want to be on different FQDNs. But it doesn’t look like I can use the virtualhost if I want it to be accessible on www.mydomain.tld/appname. Or am I missing something in virtual hosts?

Obviously DNS config needs to be done, but that isn’t a problem–I’m just thinking of apps where I don’t want to put them on their own FQDNs.

is the default domain name of your server I presume, then yes you need to drop your web app in /var/www/html

sometime ago I thought that sharedfolder can be used with apache (domainname/folder), but I thought that it was for ns6

That sounds like what your wiki page about php-scl was indicating.

Whether it’s the default or not, anything under a given FQDN would be in a single virtualhost, no?

That’s a bit of a step backward from SME in terms of functionality, then–particularly since I chould chose different php-scl versions for each ibay, while I don’t see that I have the ability to do that for subdirectories of /var/www/html. But if that’s the way it needs to be, I can make it work.

One issue with using the virtual host is that, in addition to updating DNS, I also need to remember to update the Let’s Encrypt certificate–Neth isn’t yet quite smart enough to track all its configured FQDNs and automatically put them all on the cert.

no, with the latest php-scl, you change the version of php only for /var/www/html (formely option whole server), please test if it is not the case you should report an issue.

drop a phpinfo please to test it