Installing NS8 on Ubuntu

Yes Ubuntu 20.04 is even listed in the install script

I was able to finish the installation
basically, you need a PPA for podman and later you will have a semantic issue with Python3
here you could find my revision: ns8-core/ at main · JOduMonT/ns8-core · GitHub

but sadly the work don’t end here because the software center of the cluster will fail


Task cluster/list-modules failed

  "context": {
    "action": "list-modules",
    "data": null,
    "extra": {
      "isNotificationHidden": true,
      "title": "List apps"
    "id": "cf72eceb-8670-4039-885f-67f4541197aa",
    "parent": "",
    "queue": "cluster/tasks",
    "timestamp": "2022-03-20T02:21:07.962633736Z",
    "user": "admin"
  "status": "aborted",
  "progress": 0,
  "subTasks": [],
  "validated": false,
  "result": {
    "error": "Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File \"/var/lib/nethserver/cluster/actions/list-modules/50read\", line 35, in <module>\n    installed = cluster.modules.list_installed(rdb)\n  File \"/usr/local/agent/pypkg/cluster/\", line 121, in list_installed\n    module_ui_name = rdb.get(m.removesuffix('/environment') + '/ui_name') or \"\"\nAttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'removesuffix'\n",
    "exit_code": 1,
    "file": "cluster/task/cf72eceb-8670-4039-885f-67f4541197aa",
    "output": ""

By now, it does not mean it works on Ubuntu! Only the GitHub Actions runner OS, which is based on Ubuntu, actually is intended to work.

Probably the Python release that comes with Ubuntu 20 is too old for ns8. You could check it with

python --version

IIRC Python 3.9+ is needed.

I expect future releases of Ubuntu will match all requirements!


Try it maybe with ubuntu 2204, even if I am not a big fan to use deb distro, maybe debian 12 will change my mind because podman 3.4.x is expected :slight_smile: