Installing new hardware on currently running Nethserver


I would like to know what are the chances that replacing my current hardware on a running Nethserver to a different motherboard and CPU (still INTEL in this case), what are the chances the server will boot up and detect everything and install what it needs without any issue? Any recommendations?


NethServer Version: 7.8

Hi Patrick

If you just move over your HD(s):
Your migrated NethServer will boot up.
AFAIK, the only real issue is a different NIC, especially if you have AD running.
It can be fixed, but is a bit more work.

Changing the Boot system (MBR -> EFI) will give you issues.

My 2 cents

In any case: move disks, take a full backup.
If your nethserver is communicating with internet, as test purpose, disconnect it from internet (disable PortForwards and/or disconnect RED connection for first tests)

Hey Andy,

I keep all the same hardware, just change the motherboard and processor.

Thanks for the input!

Hey Pike,

Yes backup is always something I do no matter what before I change any system (well depends on how severe a change it is right).

Thanks for the input.

you should have NO probs after reboot… :slight_smile:

I always expect the worse thus why I try to be as prepared as I can be. We shall see, as soon as I get my low profile CPU block, I’ll attempt this somewhat of an overkill upgrade to my current system.

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