Installing Nethserver on CENTOS 8

NethServer Version: current version

Is it possible to currently install Nethserver on CEntos 8?

HAs anyone tried installing/running Nethserver on centos 8?

Will anything break in installing Nethsevrer on centos 8, or will everything work just fine?

No it is still not possible. We started to look at it before the latest CentOS Dojo in Bruxelles (Jan '20). It seems there are still many packages we rely on (e.g. Let’s Encrypt) that are not available under CentOS 8.

Be patient and keep in touch!


I saw certbot is there:
Or am I mistaken on the package.

Can we run a Nethserver 8 beta (based on CentOS 8) in a vm to help you test (and find out where it breaks)? Is there a place where we can download the .iso?