Installing Jabber, how to add a user to the jabber group

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: ejabbered
Web administration interface URL
Access is granted to members of the “jabberadmins” group

how to add a user to this group??


The group jabberadmins must be created and configured from the Groups page.

To follow those indications, first it needs an account provider: most usually installing ONE of the available modules to create and manage users and groups, either samba AD/DC (nethserver-dc) or openLDAP (nethserver-directory).
After an account provider is configured, you can create the jabberadmins group and create and add users to it.

I installed AD/DC (nethserver-dc) before i installed Jabber
i created the jabberadmins group and added an existing user to it.
Do i have to create a new user?
Thank you very much

I just created a new user testjabber, added it to the group jabberadmins.
logged into jabber admin, but it did not connect

I think it requires the full username (with domain part).
testjabber@domain.tld or similar…


Thank you very much

this worked