Installing Headwind on Ubuntu (Virtualbox)

I am Installing headwind using the instructions place on their web site, I am new to UBUNTU.

Following are the Instructions
. Install from a binary installer (Ubuntu/Debian)

Notice: The binary installer works on Ubuntu (or Debian) Linux only. However, you can install Headwind MDM on any OS. Download the archive containing web panel WAR file and read INSTALL-MANUAL.txt for details.

1. Install required software

# sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk aapt tomcat8 postgresql

2. Make sure Tomcat is running

# telnet localhost 8080Trying ::1...Connected to localhost.Escape character is '^]'.

(if you get “Connection refused” error, fix the installation issue)

3. Create the PostgreSQL database and user

# sudo su postgres# psqlpostgres=# CREATE USER hmdm WITH PASSWORD 'topsecret';postgres=# CREATE DATABASE hmdm WITH OWNER=hmdm;postgres=# \q

4. Run the installer script (as root)

# sudo ./

5. On success, the installer script provides you with the URL. Open Headwind MDM in browser.

I don really get Point 4 brcausee when I execute the command it asks for postgres password. I dont know which one is that


Depends how PostgreSQL was installed…


the user : admin
the password : cat /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/pgadmin

As i see, you installed pgsql directly (with yum?). apt doesn’t work on NethServer, that’s for debian based distros like Ubuntu, Debian or Raspbian.
Try removing that, and reinstall the packaged version above…
Then the location for the password is valid…

Hope that helps…

My 2 cents