Installing Extra modules on Nethserver

Questions about Nethserver Wiki and modules available that are outside the standard modules supported by Nethserver. I’m sure this has been asked before (most likely by me) but again I’ll ask, What is the upgrade path for Nethserver when I’ve installed these extra modules?

I’m looking to install Onlyoffice, Guacamole and Zabbix. But if I issue upgrades of my Nethserver through the Software Center, do I need to do anything first to these modules so that my Nethserver or Module doesn’t break?

I do have a test Nethserver which I will use before upgrading my production server…but I still would like to know if there is a best practice before upgrading my Nethserver when I have modules installed.

And are these modules supported and updated regularily by maintainers or will they become out of date eventually due to not being supported?

Thank you.

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Community and individual (like my rpm) efforts will be done until the developers stops to work or the rpm integration is no more possible (like nethserver-ocsinventory wich needs php > 7.1 now).

The good news is that these rpms are most of time in opensource, so the sources can be find elsewhere and you or someone could continue to work.

As ever if you find something broken, please ask and report.