Installing Atlassian stack on Nethserver

Hello everyone.

A while back I attempted to install the Atlassian stack on centos, on one server.
Jira, confluence, Bitbucket.

It was tricky, but I managed. Overal installing a single of these systems on their own servers each is easy, but all together, well… thats another story.

I want us to build and install all of them, with nethserver managing their virtual hosts.

This without breaking things.

so here are the tutorials I used to deploy all of them. The tutorials are for each of the system, not one tutorial for all.

  1. Installing Confluence with pgsql on centos
  2. Installing Jira with pgsql on centos 7
  3. Installing bitbucket with pgsl on centos 7.

So the task is, using Nethserver pgsql module, and built in virtual host. installing the 3 system, and having them be accessed from a subdomain.

Finally, for my use, ill deploy phabricator and bitbucket on a single production server, and make use the builtin ldap support on nethserver to access bitbucket.

The reason I will be deploying bitbucket and phabricator is because, phabricator being good, which is what we use internally, it is very cumbersome to push source code from visual studio with, so internal desktop developers, have been using bitbucket, while web developers have been using phabricator, but all documentation is done inside phabricator.

So who is in on this journey, and can it be done without breaking things?

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@danb35 :wink: @mrmarkuz @fausp anyone on this crazy journey.

@support_team Can somebody help?

turns out its big a challenge…