Installer bugs on release 7.3.1611 rc3

I do realize that this is free labor and I am trying to give you the info. Getting screen shots for each step on a digital camera is a challenge partially for confidentialy reasons, partially it’s hard (at least for me) to get a camera to get reasonable pictures that are clear. I’ll try later to provide more of this data in granular detail.

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Thanks, keep us in touch. We really want to help you out :slight_smile:

Another bug found: this one actually brings up the RedHat report a bug wizard from the wizard. In attempting to increase the speed of installing from scratch I tried to use an Internet Mirror, specifically When I put this URL into the remote respoitory URL window it accepts, but…the “Software Selection” box asks you to “verify”. When you go into the dialog, the selection windows is blank (as opposed to “Minimal Install” option you get if you use the USB stick as the file source). When you click “Done” from that the screen freezes and the RedHat “Report a Bug” dialog appears and you can try to report the bug (I had no URL to indicate in this wizard) or you are forced to quick and reboot again. Also, if you verify your USB stick it says it is not suitable for install. So basically you MUST install from your USB stick or DVD to get the installer to run at all. Any idea why this is happening and how long before it can be fixed?

By now, the installer is not expected to download packages from any web site, even if Upstream allows it.

A minimal system is installed and updates can be downloaded after booting it for the first time.

ah, okay. guess it’s a full release thing then. Was under the impression it was supposed to allow remote installs.

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