Installation of OTRS 4.0.8?

OTRS can be configured within nethserver?

I installed in my company NethServer, for testing and improving translations. But I also want to use OTRS 4.0.8 as a support for my clients



We used to work with OTRS before switching to Freshdesk, and it was installed on NethServer mail server.

I remember a custom template fragment to set up a Postfix transport. Just give me some time to find it…

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@davidep, there’s no need to adjust postfix to use otrs in the default configuration, where otrs gets mails via pop3.
To install otrs on nethserver you simply install the rpm. and follow instructions.


Thanks @davidep @filippo_carletti

Already installed all OTRS.

But as NethServer this in my office, I try hard to finish setting my-ip/otrs/

Dyndns use to access from another wan, but nothing happens.


@filippo_carletti Ready!.

The problem was port forwarding. change the source port to destination port 80.

I’m working on.

I will make a how.


:+1: to this approach :wink: thanks man

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So there’s an already written How-To for install FreshDesk? :wink:

Unfortunately not :slight_smile: it’s a SaaS service.