Installation of AMP on Neth Server 6

For more information on AMP visit

Minecraft requires Java Make sure you install java first!

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk

Now to install Here are the steps needed… Everything assumes you have logged in as root!
yum install glibc.i686 libstdc++.i686 screen unzip git wget

Now the tricky part hope it works for you it did for me…
yum --enablerepo=epel install tmux socat

Now is the time where you go and log into your web manager and adjust the firewall accordingly to open up port 8081 do not use their port of 8080 it interferes with TomCat something or other…

So here is the big step don’t mess this up!
useradd -d /home/AMP -m AMP
Now you need to select a password for the user AMP
passwd AMP
The home location of amp must be /home/AMP/
Installation of AMP

mkdir ~/AMP
cd ~/AMP
rm -i

Now to show Module list
./ampinstmgr ShowModuleList
To install webfrontend

./ampinstmgr CreateInstance ADS ADSInstance 8081 [LicenceKey] [Password] +Core.Login.Username [Username]
./ampinstmgr StartInstance ADSInstance

You can now log in via going to your ip or domain name and the port number like this
from this point forward every thing is standard AMP installation…

Here is the forum thread where i asked for help

Here is the local forum thread where i asked for help on installation of tmux and socat

Here is AMP forum page if you have any questions or issues…


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Thanks Loren for sharing this. We’re focusing on 7 now but I’m sure that a Howto like this could help someone anyway.

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I would love to use Neth 7 however with your networking issues not allowing me to set a specialized static ip creates issues for me as shown in the post below… I am hoping to get about 1 more year out of Neth 6 but looking now to other alternatives since no one has a clue as of what i should do… I have worked on Neth 7 for almost 7 months now with no progress as of a two weeks ago I deleted the VM partion that housed my Neth 7 installation and progress I had made up and to that point… Personally I am considering moving back to either Debian or Ubuntu with I was using that prior to joining the Neth 6 side of things… I do want to thank everyone for the hospitality but If I can’t get the software to work for me whats the point… I think i have given it a fair shot especially since i have worked on it for over 7 months with no resolution to the simplest issue and that is setting up a static ip and having it keep this static ip on reboot…

Here is the last support thread on this topic…