Installation Modules whith Yum


Just Installed on an CentOS / System (Version 7) a new Basis nethserver 7.
My Problem - no Modules listed in Software Center
Old and new Servermanager shows no Modules :frowning:

So i need an installation over command line - but i have found only documentation
using Web Interface / Servermanager

where can i find the documentation for yum installation for Modules ?
and extra:
the new Servermanager has 2 factor login an the old one not - how to disable the old Version ?

You can start from command line with yum clean all and yum update. After that, if there’s Internet connection you can try if software center works.

To install modules from command line, usually use yum install nethserver-modulename
developer manual has a list of modules (or yum list nethserver-\*). On the wiki you can find community contributed modules.


thanks - helps me
the new error
could not resolve host: unknown error
so problem is: the dnsmasq - no more DNS Server after installation
so monday i will fix it

During the installation process the scripts try to find the right DNS configuration, if the systems was already using as DNS, you will enter a DNS loop.
To quickly fix the DNS, this should do the job:

config setprop dns NameServers,
signal-event nethserver-dnsmasq-save
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Google DNS as default DNS server… :thinking:
I think better alternatives: