Install problem, can't find webpage

(Mauro Poltronieri) #1

Hi, i’m completely new here, and not a strong CentOS admin.
i tryied to install Nethserver on Cent=S, everything looks like good but if i go to my https://privateipaddress:980 i recieve an error, the browser can’t find adress.

someone have ideas?

Thank you so much

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #2

what shows netstat -na | grep 980?

did you started the service after install?

(Stefano) #3

did you install NS on a bare minimal centos?

if so, maybe you’re hitting a known issue… check the output of


and see if IPV4 address is available

(Mauro Poltronieri) #4

Ok, probably my problem is deeper then nethserver…
i see ipv4 in my ifconfig.
but i can’t access to ssh… so i have to understand why i can ping other machines, and other machines can ping the server,anyway, after install nethserver i didn’t start the service, how can i do it?
thank you

(Bogdan Costin) #5

Mauro, did you configure the interfaces correctly ?
Double check if you are connected to the right ETH interface card. :smile: (it happened to me one time).
Also try to reboot NS and see if it works after that.

Best regards

(Jose "Martin" Abeleira. AKA Marto) #6

whats the output of your ipconfig?

Can you ping the router or other ip on the network?

Is this a physical or virtual machine? if virtual how is your lan adapter