Install on 2 disks

NS 7.4
installation on 1 SSD and 1 HDD

hello guys, how do i do to install NS 7on the SSD, and the shared folders on the HDD.

I do not need RAID as I will back up on a NAS.

I am not familiar with linux therefore I don’t know how to partition the disks,

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Choose manual install when installing NethServer. Then you have the option to change the partitioning. You can choose the SSD for / and the HDD for /var/lib/nethserver
maybe spare a few GB for swap on the SSD.

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Thank you Robb, i Did that, now on dashboard i can only see the SSD,
How can I see the storage HDD. :slight_smile:

Basic stuff I know, but not for me… :slight_smile:

What you see on the dashboard is only the / mount, which may not even be the complete SSD depending on how you partitioned it.