Install NethServer on hp microserver

I have a Hp Microserver with raid-1 on 2 disks.
I create 1 logic drive with hp bios software.
Can i install NETHSERVER distribution on this array ?
NETHSERVER supports RAID hardware ?

NethServer is CentOS, so if CentOS (or the upstream vendor) supports your server the answer will be yes. The final answer should come from HP.

Personal taste: I prefer to use software raid.


Nethserver work like a charm on a HP Microserver Gen8

Personnaly, I had created a bunch of disk in the Bios Disk Arrea.

And install Centos as is, without the HP driver… I’m only use the default Centos driver. I think it’s better in case of disaster recovery

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As far as I know, Linux OSs do not have the correct drivers for the raid controller that comes with the microserver. HP has a driver that will allow it to work, but it’s only available in their repo and I’ve read that it causes issues with updates. I have a microserver and installed a true hardware raid controller (P222) so I wouldn’t have to mess with it.

I’d recommend you set the controller to ahci mode and setup software raid or upgrade to a real raid controller.


@Adam is right, I can confirm this because I have got a response in this way directly from HP support.

Have anyone a good guide to create a RAID software ?

If you install NS from NS iso, you can chose to use RAID during installation.
If you install first CentOS, you will find how to use RAID on CentOS documentation.

The best resource would be Centos wiki: