Install nethserver 7, email server , groupware, nextcloud

Hello to all,
I would like to install nethserver 7 with:

  1. email server
  2. groupware (SoGo or WebTop or?)
  3. nexstcloud 12

After the basic installation of Nethserver 7, email, groupware and nexstcloud are all to be installed in the software center?

Anything else, is there a chance to install the let’s encrypt certificate?

Thank you all

Hi @gperna,

Yes, you can install these via Software Center in “Base System” except of SoGo which is in “Nethforge”…

Yes, under “Server certificate” in the menu:


but regarding to Help section:

When REQUEST LET’S ENCRYPT CERTIFICATE button is clicked, this server is tested by Let’s Encrypt to ensure that you have the rights to get a certificate. The necessary conditions are:

_ The server must be reachable from outside at port 80. Make sure your port 80 is open to the public Internet (you can check with sites like
_ The domains that you want the certificate for, must be public domain names associated to server’s own public IP. Make sure you have public DNS name pointing to your server (you can check with sites like


ok, thanks for replay.

bui i must install WebTop or SoGo?


Let’s encrypt works with both Webtop and SoGo, so it depends on you…these discussions may help you:

You may install the letsencrypt cert first, and choose a groupware afterwards…

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Thank you all,
at this point I would like to know what you recommend, WebTop 4, WebTop 5 or SoGO?
my is a simple installation where I would like to integrate nextcloud with groupware, but not indispensable!

thank you

You may use WebTop 5 and SoGo as described here:

Just install Nextcloud too, it should all work together or at least next to eachother.