Install Neth 7.7 in Proxmox

NethServer Version: 7.7
Hi, i want to install Neth 7.7 in Proxmox 6 with a 320 Gb Disk.
In installation destination in setup-menu i select die “local standard disk” and he should automaticly partioning the disk. But it always faild with messages like “992.5KiB Free Space available…”
Could someone tell me hqo to setup up this??
I think it’s very tricky here.

somehow i could install with 316 GiB for / and 4 GB swap. He installs neth and now reboots but is hangs with “Booting from Harddisk”.
I’ve done this installation in Proxmox 5.2 an neth 7.6 and this works.
However this in 7.7 and Proxmox 6 won’t be easy…

So someone has a hint?

Does it work with a centos image?

I am going to update my proxmox and check if the Nethserver VM still works…


Update to Proxmox 6.0-9 successful, existing Nethserver VM running, fresh Neth installation is working too.

That could be related to anaconda installer (or kickstart scripts) peculiarities when reusing a disk:

If you selected automatic partitioning and I would like to make additional space available , or if there is not enough free space on your selected hard drives to install CentOS, the Reclaim Disk Space dialog box opens when you click Done , and lists all configured disk devices and all partitions on those devices.

To reclaim space, select a disk or partition, and click either the Delete button to delete that partition, or all partitions on a selected disk. (…) If you delete a partition, all data on that partition is lost.

Alternatively, you can click Delete all , this deletes all existing partitions on all disks and makes this space available to CentOS. Existing data on all disks is lost.

Click Reclaim space to apply the changes and return to The Installation Summary window.

No disk changes are made until you click Begin Installation on the Installation Summary window. The Reclaim Space dialog only marks partitions for resizing or deletion; no action is performed.

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I always install NS on Proxmox 6.x like this:


How many cores has your host, @fausp? How many sockets?

4 is max.

Would you mind to update our wiki page?
I found two docs and I didn’t understand the difference

I think a complete overhaul is wanted since Proxmox is now at version 6…

Yes we should…

Lets do it together? But I am busy atm with work and edu… I can begin in abt two weeks.

Unfortunately I have no access to a proxmox server at the moment…

I can help, if wanted. I’m on proxmox 6.0.9.


Thank you Ralf, I appreciate that…

I remain unconvinced that any guide is needed–anyone running a Proxmox (or xcp-ng, or ESXi, or whatever) server should be reasonably familiar with how to install a guest OS. If there’s going to be a guide at all, it should highlight what’s unique about a Neth installation (like, apparently, the NIC needs to be set to promiscuous mode if you’re going to use your Neth box as an AD controller). I certainly don’t object to it (why should I?), but I also don’t see the necessity.

Agreed on that, but installing on proxmox or installing on physical hardware is marginally different. An up-to-date install howto is not only usefull, but IMO needed since you have to show you are on par with your documentation and howto’s when you have a new version of your OS.

I had the same issue while installing NS on proxmox, blank vm disk, still same no free space error, manual partition same issue, I’ve ended up doing an unattended installation, it worked like a charm without any issue.
Just remember if you go unattended the keyboard keymap is set to EN-US

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On unattended NethServer installs I use to add the keyboard parameter to the boot menu entry: Installation — NethServer 7 Final