Infos HowTo install Nethserver 7.9 as a LXC-Container on Proxmox?

I would like to know howto install Nethserver 7.9 as a LXC-Container on Proxmox…

Any Suggestions?

My first try would be to set up a CentOS 7 container, and then follow the installation instructions to install Neth on top of CentOS. But if anyone would know, my money would be on @Andy_Wismer.


I tried a few years back, around 7.5 / 7.6…
In any case, a minimal Centos image helps, Proxmox provides a “standard” image of Centos 7.
Issues were when “Neth” takes over, and switches over networking.
I had issues trying to set up AD, but I think it would work now.

I may need to try again.

My 2 cents

Hi Dan,

OK I did it… It was not that hard but after the installation of nethserver with:

I cannot ping another host on my LAN…

Any suggestions?