Info on NTOPNG upgrade


NethServer release 7.3.1611

I use NTOPNG 3 to see network trafficin debian , but in Nethserver is implemented only version 2?
is possible to upgrade to 3? is there a document or a step by step guide for upgrade it?

I never tried ntopng 3 and AFAIK we have no plans for it right now,.
But you can try to follow the upstream to install it on a CentOS.

thanks Giacomo , but is my first nethserver… i will try as a standard solution
for now i prefer to use it as is… if everything will be ok… i will think to improve…
is possible to speak in Italian in the forum?

I don’t think so…@alefattorini what do you think?

Using Italian will make impossible to participate for the majority of users in this forum.
Please, use English or an online translator.

As @filippo_carletti already said

Community is primarily English speaking

There are language barriers here you might have to be patient with some of the posts.
For the moment Discourse is primarily English speaking for ease of everyone here.

Please, try with English, people here is very understanding. Don’t worry

ok no problem… thanks