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hi, I’m a new user struggling with the configuration of the software with a virtual machine. in the network section I have two network cards in green one with and the other with DHCP how come the internet never runs? I tried to configure the first network card in red with address and the green one with dhcp … it starts working after a while it crashes. how can I do ? do you forget the configuration? thanks!

Let me try to understand your situation:

  • you have a NethServer running as a VM?
  • What is the host for your NethServer VM?
  • How is the VM configured, as bridged or as NAT?
  • What is your goal? Do you just want to test NethServer or do you try to get internet access with other clients behind the NethServer?

If you just try out NethServer and it is running in a VM, you only need 1 green interface which has an IP address in the same subnet as your host.
As soon you want to use NethServer as a gateway, you will need to add a 2nd interface with a red role.

Thank you for your reply. I started nethserver from a virtual machine (virtual box) I would like to use the software as antivirus and content filtering. I have configured a red network card with ip address and a green card that will be used as dhcp on the network with ip address the network cards in the virtual machine are both on the board with bridge

Please answer the other questions:

  • what is the host for your NethServer VM?
  • what IP address does your host have?
  • Is it a bridged VM or NAT VM?
  • How is your network situation? It probably will be something like this:
    Internet - Modem/Router - Local LAN
  • What kind of devices do you have on your local LAN and how are they connected to the local LAN?

I suggest you first try to install NethServer with a single GREEN interface, as a bridged VM and give your NethServer Green interface an IP in the same subnet as the host.
As soon you are familiar with NethServer, you can install NethServer on a pc/server with at least 2 network interfaces and place it between your router and the rest of your LAN so it can be configured as a Gateway and Firewall.
I think you are new to networking. When I started in ICT (back in 1999), I found this website and read it over and over again untill I understood how TCP/IP and subnetting worked. It can help you understand how you have to configure your networking with NethServer.

Configuration nethserver:
Green: host for nethserver :
red internet: - - - dns
VM: Bridged for 2 network cards
dhcp configuration in local LAN / wifi network (
internet not work, or start working and then freeze
give me a message: 66.808266 nf_log: can’t not load ipt_ULOG, conflicting nfnetink_log already loaded

before I used “sme server” with this type of configuration and I have also configured this server as well. Excuse my ignorance

If you configure your red interface as, that interface must be directly connected to your router with a bridged interface configured in Virtualbox. You router must have the IP address (since you put that IP address as Default Gateway)
Can you confirm that your NethServer has access to internet this way? You should be able to access the admin webinterface from the host pc on If not, you have configured something wrong.

Then the green interface of NethServer must be connected to the rest of your LAN (NOT your router). The easiest way is to connect it to a separate switch and connect other devices, like AP’s, other pc’s and printer etc.
Be aware you must have 2 network cards in your host machine to accomplish this. You cannot bridge 2 different subnets on the same network interface.

hi, I can reach the interface via and the server where I installed the virtual machine is on the same router and LAN because the server is very far from the router

You really need to read some basic info on what routing is and what a gateway does. From your story I think you try to configure 2 subnets on the same network interface. This is NOT possible.

If you want NethServer to act as a IDS/Firewall/Gateway you have to create the following situation:

Internet - Modem/Router ( - ( RED interface NethServer - GREEN interface NethServer ( - Switch to Local LAN (subnet

As you can see, NethServer MUST be in between your modem/router and the rest of your LAN and your Modem/Router and RED interface MUST be on a different subnet as your GREEN interface.

I have made this solution that you suggested to me, always using a virtual machine with two physical and not virtual network cards, it seems that it is working. now I’m getting this message: microcode: CPU0 update to version 0x1c failed thank you for the time you are dedicating to me

You can use virtual network cards but you have to bind them to different physical network cards.

I configured the two tabs in the virtual machine, separating them as you suggested. I activated the transparent proxy with the content filter and blocked the internet porn sites, social … but not all. I went into the personalized story and I added the elements to be blocked but did not block them