Incorrect message: Duplicate IP

Folks, I was adding reserved IP address on the DHCP. We have a number of static ip in our network but for the purposes of documenting and finding easily we’re adding entries in the DHCP reservation in case any currently static IPs should be made DHCP that are not servers and associates the assignment with mac addresses. We’ve successfully all but one. We have defined the DHCP assignment range of We found an IP Phone that we presume is static set to 192.168.189. The Mac Address is: 00:04:f2:29:27:(xx) (with a tab, copied from command line). When I attempt to reserve this IP we get this error:

IP address
Conflicts with another machine
MAC address
valid MAC address

Thinking this was odd I noticed the cursor wasn’t next to the last character. Removing the training white space it worked properly. This seems like someone isn’t trimming the tail whitespace on the MAC Address (and possibly other fields) on submission. This may be a small point but I would recommend doing a trim (left and right) on the JavaScript level at least data type fields like Mac Address and IP address. Text fields can be left untrimmed I suppose (I would personally still trim left and right of those too), but on any specified data type fields (numeric only, ip address, mac address for example) should be trimmed. Could cause confusion for those who may not notice if there is invisible white space in a copied value from another source. (In my case, the linux command prompt). The error message about conflicting IP is doubly strange because the whitespace was on the mac address, not the IP address (which I typed manually)


In my own case, doing the same thing you are doing, I’m finding that I can’t create a static address of in my green network which has a range of I’m not seeing any leading/trailing spaces anywhere, and I can create the static address at 0.9, 0.11, 0.100… but not 0.10.

I’m setting up Nethserver 7.3, typing in various static addresses for printers, access points, etc., and got stuck trying to assign an address for a printer that lives at

I guess I’ll skip this for now and move on to the rest of the list. :slight_smile:

Charlieeeeeee :smiley: I’m so happy to see you still hanging around. What’s up man?

Please share your NethServer 7 tests with us :grin:

Alessio! Thanks for saying hi. I’m happy to be working with my Nethserver installation again, and I must say I’m very excited about the changes I’m seeing so far in version 7. Congratulations! I hope to have my updated gateway in service over the weekend.

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Problem resolved. There is no issue, except there really does seem to be a rogue, duplicate device on my network at Now for the hunt.

Thanks for solving this @AZChas
@jlibster could it help you?

Yeah! It’s a big community’s achievement, I can’t stop to thank all of those people! :smiley_cat: