Inconsistent UPS information

There appear to be a couple of inconsistencies in the reporting of UPS information with NS 6.8.

This is from the UPS tab on the Dashboard. Notice that the temperature is reported as “0” at the top of the display, but the full status shows it as “30.9”:

The other issue is that the battery run-time, as shown above, is not being reported to collectd:

Side question about UPS support. What are the differences between the 2 options offered on the UPS support:




collectd-nut is a plugin that enabled collectd to “read” the UPS.
nethserver-collectd configures collectd for basic values like memory and disk usage, load avg, interfaces, etc.

Inconsistencies on some readings are probably due to UPS model or nut driver. We can’t fix them, apart than reporting problems to nut developers.

In your case you’re mixing ups temp with battery temp.
See my APC:

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In which case, I think you’ve confused it even more. :grin:

So why is that a sub-menu under UPS:

And if what I displayed earlier is the battery temp, and not the UPS temp why does collectd report it as UPS temp:


The red line is battery temp, according to the legend at the bottom left.

My collectd reports a run-time:

Don’t think it’s really that long, but it reports somthing. :smile:

It’s o.k. for me.

Did you notice that the y-axis says “Seconds”, but the narrative at the bottom says “Min”. There’s an immediate 60x difference. LOL

By deleting the /var/lib/collectd/Your-Server/nut-ups/timeleft-battery.rrd file, it appears (so far) to have resolved the issue:

But my question about the collectd options is still outstanding.


I noticed, but I don’t think that it will keep power for 2.5 hours. :wink: