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Hi guys,

I don’t know if this is a Bug and I made this post in the right place, but I want to draw attention to something:

  1. When a new user is created, in Services Tab you can select to create default email address: x.y@mydomain.z. After you create the new user, when you go to Management -> Email Addresses, the new user’s email appear like this: x.y@ (w/o mydomain.z).
  2. When you don’t create default email address for a new user in Management -> User -> Create New and create the email address in Management -> Email addresses -> Create New, the new user’s email appear normally: x.y@mydomain.z, but this means that you make two task instead one.

When you have more than one domain, it’s good to see the entire email address of the users (especially if there are no separate users for each domain - future feature?).

Can you fix this?


When the email is like “user@” without the domain, it means that the address is valid for all domains. NethServer was born with multiple domains support for a single organizartion and we found it useful to quickly enable email on all domains.
Let’s say a company has registred the following domains:
If I create an account named “filippo” I will immediately have:

It can be changed, I’d like to hear opinions on this workflow. It comes from the past, we’re looking at the future. :smile:


Hi Filippo,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
You are right for this approach.
When I refer at multiple domains, I think like this: mydomain1.z; mydomain2.z, each domain with own users, not at a single organization with multiple domains support.
Can be NethServer like that in the future?


Maybe you can add some informatic label above the creation form with explanation?
These days having more domains connected to your company is more common then having one domain.

@davidep has explained it pretty well


Thank you Alessio for response (also to Davide).
If I read more carefully the posts on this forum …

Have a nice weekend to all!

And, of course,

Buona Pasqua!


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