Improving subscription page

Hi to all, I think some points could be enhanced. What do you think?

  • Menu with Pricing, Discount… at the subscription Page should be linked to the relevant text at the page.
  • The Ticket for 100 € at the Crostino is a professional support ticket, or not? If so I would write “Optional Professional” at the line “Support Tickets”.
  • What is the response time if a support request comes in?
  • What is happening after the 30 days trial period?
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  • 100 euro is for a professional support ticket

The NethServer on is freezed

  • a few hours if it’s within the Italian Time zone

And on the my.nethserver sign up, it would be nice to add Australia to the drop-down ‘Country’ as opposed to ‘other’.

I know we aren’t in Europe, but we do compete in the Eurovision song contest :slight_smile: (I think the organisers thought we said “Austria” :joy: )

(tongue in cheek)

We thought something like “Italy” or “Rest of the world!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes apart, the country field is used only to calculate local taxes for EU countries. You’re lucky, you have no tax added! :wink:

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I think this means you can choose if you by a subscription or not at this moment, you don’t have to recall it. Is it right?
@giacomo What do you think about an automatism to go back to unstable updates if somebody not takes the subscription after testing it.

I would set and write down to subscription page a maximum time, 24 hours for example, I think this is usual for business contracts.

You’re very lucky indeed !!! :four_leaf_clover:

Tecnically, I think it’s already so.

Ok, thanks the hint.

Don’t know if it is changed, after my testing I had to do the following:

config setprop Secret '' SystemId ''
eorepo base centos-sclo-rh centos-sclo-sclo epel extras nethforge nethserver-base nethserver-updates updates

Less code, less bugs :smiley: Just added to the manual:

This is right, but if the users have to do it manually there could be the “Problem between chair and keyboard” effect :joy:

Let’s see how is going for a while, than we can move forward the development of the entire suite :wink:

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Could you please take note of that for the next sprint?

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Just added this sentence:
Rection time for all plans is 1 business day. Business day coverage is from Monday 9am to Friday 5pm Italian time zone (CET or CEST) on non-IT holidays.