Improving Software Center module names rule

Might we use a unique name for such things so people are not confused?
Or add in the software center the “software” used? Just a suggestion to be more “consistent” and help to report here the correct module/software.
Sometimes we use “Owncloud” and not “Personal Cloud”
Other times “Intrusion Prevention System” and not “Snort” :slight_smile:
Am I wrong?


This might be tied with @Hunv’s advice:

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@alefattorini you’re right. :ok_hand:

It would be useful to have both descriptions: for beginners is simpler the long description (Intrusion Prevention System); for those with more experience or comes from other distributions it is better real name of the package (snort).

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IMO, we should use something like this: IPS - Snort, IPS - Suricata, …

Why? Because IPS is the generic name of the function and Snort is the name of the solution.

Like as the copier machines. Usually we use the expression: “make a xerox copy” or shortly, “make a xerox”, but often we don’t use a Xerox copier, we use a Canon copier, HP copier, Konika, …

I know that @dnutan and @flatspin have some additional ideas for this topic!