Improvement reverse proxy: New entry field to add additional settings for virtual hosts

It should be possible to add additional settings for virtual hosts in a seperate new field the UI, especially ws:// proxy statements. Currently this is not possible and the reverse proxy UI cannot be used at all. This has several disadvantages:

  • No easy UI configuration, instead complicated configuration via file
  • No overview in the UI over the configured reverse proxy settings and virtual hosts
  • Missing entries in the hosts for local access

E.g.: For Webtop reverse proxy to , you need four lines:
ProxyPass /webtop/push ws://
ProxyPassReverse /webtop/push ws://
ProxyPass / max=3 retry=30
ProxyPassReverse /

But only the latter two are generated from the virtual hosts settings via UI.

It should be possible to add the missing first two manul settings into a separate entry field. These additional settings should be included BEFORE the standard proxypass settings (because of the apache matching rules).

I implemented a solution. Hopefully it makes it into the next release.