Improve the presentation of the bar-graphs

Continuing the chat about improving the presentation of the bar-graphs here;

Someone may find the bar-graph misleading, or get confused by it, associating “Available :” with the graph beneath it where the 26% indicates the usage.


Do we want to improve this?

How can we improve this with minimal effort with the upcomming server-manger cockpit in mind?

I discussed it with a colleague, a look and feel designer.

And he came up with a pretty elegant solution, flip the text’s :


He also argued this associates the lower graph directly with swap.

Please share your ideas.


Hi @mark_nl, thanks for bringinng up this again.

To flip the text works in all cases in dashboard, as far as I can see.
Not to much work to do.
So, yes I vote for flipping the text. :+1:

I would also change

Available Memory


Free Memory

I’ve to say I disagree.
The memory isn’t really free, because it’s used for caching, but it’s available if an application needs it.

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Please discuss this in the appropriate post :grinning:

The sole intention of splinting the bar-graph chat off form it …