Improve Restore data

I would love to see the ability, to mark a folder including subfolders for restore for example by shift & click or ctrl & click. Furthermore I want to ask if the limit of max. results can be increased. Thanks guys and keep up the good work :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

Sorry what do you mean? Could you please show us some examples?

Maybe I missinterprete - and frankly did not try it yet, but it seems that if I chose a folder for restore and it has many subfolders and/or files, I am in the impression, that I have to chose every folder manually, thus I thought, it could be convenient to be able to chose a folder with recursion (ex. shift&click), meaning that its whole content including subfolders is chosen too without having to click on zillions of subfolders.


Besides that, I’d like to know, if for duplicity backups there is a way to configure:

augment the limit so I get results >500
make a inc backup once a month and not once a week
why I only have duplicity and restic but not the other options like rsync, is that because destination was on a cifs share?

Does the above printsrceen mean that nethserver folder would be restored but not not its subfolders and its files? Thats basically why the question rose up here :slight_smile:


By my experience (haven’t needed to resort much to backups, luckily!), choosing NethServer implies anything under that as well (recursive, all subfolders and files…)

-> You can try by creating a subfolder with additional subfolders/files therein and restore it the next day or after the next backup… :slight_smile:

Trust is good - double checking is better!

My 2 cents

True. I will test this when I am back at work, and mark as solved if confirmed.

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