Imported all day events use two days instead of one

I imported calendars from SOGo into Webtop5 and I have some all day events. Those all day events go over two days instead of only one. Seems like somehow the timezones got mixed up since the event pop-up window shows for example 25.03.2017 01:00, 26.03.2017 0:59



Could you please add some screenshots? So we can have a clue about what happened /cc @webtop_team

There you go @alefattorini and @webtop_team

This one Calendar entry was actually only one all day event for saturday


Looks like there’s a 1h shift

yup. Anyway, if I edit the event, see screenshot, its all good.

@webtop_team can you confirm and eventually open an upstream bug?

Unfortunately i’m not able to reproduce the issue.
However the edit screenshot is strange, timezone field is missing.
@tboston could you upload here an example ics file so i can test it in our dev environment?
What is your current timezone in settings?

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@tboston can you help Matteo with this issue?

Sorry for the late reply. Right now, I deleted all calendars and tried to import again. Importing doesn’t work anymore. Did you guys change something here?