Import contacts from PST file to SOGo on Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: SOGo
Hi, Not a serious issue, just a general query, is it at all possible yet to import specifically contacts and calendar entries from a .PST file to SOGo on Activesync? I saw another post where it said to use Outlook 2016 (I am using Outlook 2021) but when I try to import using Activesync connection, it says " not supported". I then created a new connection to SOGo using IMAP and that imported the mail fine, but no contacts or calendar. If it is not possible, it’s fine, I have my contacts and calendar saved elsewhere, it just would be nice to have it in SOGo.

Hi @markdewet

Try exporting to vcard (SoGo can!) and import in Outlook (Also can!)

A Mac can add all into one vcard, making the import in Outlook easier…

For Calendar try CalDAV… :slight_smile: (untested by me)

My 2 cents

@Andy_Wismer Thanks but I actually would like to go the other way, FROM Outlook (another email account) TO SOGo. This is what I cannot seem to resolve. But as I say, it’s not a serious issue right now, more a “nice to have”

Export as vCard from Outlook, should be possible into SoGo via Web…
(Or Thunderbird as a client/tool)

@Andy_Wismer Ya, but you can only do vCard from Outlook one by one, lol!! Not a great or efficient idea if you have many contacts

No, you CAN mark all, forward via e-Mail.
Then you get all in one e-Mail.
I open these into my Mac contacts (Built in), reexport all as a single vCard.
Then import the single card…

@Andy_Wismer Ooh, let me try that! Thank you! Never knew about that!


I don’t use SoGo, I use Nextcloud for me & my clients.
Easy enough on Nextcloud to import a single vCard with multiple addresses…
But how to export that. That’s something most clients can’t handle (It seems…)
Mac can!
So export from client via email to myself, I import it into an empty addressbook on my mac.
Then mark all and export it as a single vCard to my desktop.
Then open the Webinterface of Nextcloud and import that vcard to my clients account.
Left cleaning up the addressbook on my mac for the next client!

Only caveat: needs a mac somewhere… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

@Andy_Wismer Thanks that seemed to work! I sent them as email to another account, they are still individual files, but that’s Ok, at least I can inport them. Thank you. Now I need to shut down everything yet again, loadshedding at 12 till 2:30 PM today! So irritating!