Import contact from pst

I have try to import contact from pst file, and i follow this guide

but i can’t see the contact in sogo

[root@server ~]# # /usr/share/webtop/doc//pst2webtop_card.php utente ‘/tmp/tmp.ntXoRJFdYf/File di dati di Outlook/Contatti/contacts’ WebTop
[root@server ~]# Imported 1840 events on Calendar WebTop (utente)
[root@server ~]# /usr/share/webtop/doc//pst2webtop_card.php utente ‘/tmp/tmp.ntXoRJFdYf/File di dati di Outlook/Contatti suggeriti/contacts’ WebTop
Imported 633 events on Calendar WebTop (utente)
[root@server ~]# /usr/share/webtop/doc/pst2webtop_cal.php “utente” ‘/tmp/tmp.ntXoRJFdYf/File di dati di Outlook/Calendario/calendar’ WebTop
Imported 1523 events on Calendar WebTop (utente)

If I remember correctly this procedure works only with WebTop

Hi Enrico,
the script “pst2webtop_card.php” used has the purpose of importing the extracted contacts from the PST directly on the WebTop database. On database SOGo nothing is done.
It is normal that you have not found them :wink:

Hi it’s true i see it in webtop, but i can’t connect my iphone or outlook to ladap server.
I have redirect the port 389 from router to the server ip, and i have created a dns host My internal domain is not the external domain
In the server is enable webtop and sogo.
In outlook i have install caldav sincronizer.
from ny iphone i recived this error:
“impossibile verificare informazioni account”

Hi Enrico
I usually configure thunderbird with plugins for sogo to import calendars and contacts from outlook.

From thunderbird via tool / import I migrate data from Outlook. Once in Thunderbird you copy them into sogo contacts.

Alternatively you can access from Outlook (2013/2016) through active sync and move contacts and calendar