Implications of Samba Patch for CVE-2017-14746

What are the implications for Samba and Shared Folder when RHEL roll out the fix for

More info (to track): Red Hat CVE-2017-14746

Adding this
server min protocol = SMB2
to samba conf on global section should do the trick but now i cannot check it because i don’t have access to any NS7 server. Maybe its allready patched.

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Samba fix for RHEL7/CentOS7 was released on November 27th, and available through usual update procedure.

New version of packages is 4.6.2-12 (for libsmbclient, libwbclient, samba* an many other).

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Thanks, I saw the updates, haven’t applied them yet.

Prefer to be onsite when I apply it in case something goes wrong

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I’m testing it

 Package                       Arch              Version                         Repository          Size
 apr                           x86_64            1.4.8-3.el7_4.1                 updates            103 k
 curl                          x86_64            7.29.0-42.el7_4.1               updates            267 k
 libcurl                       x86_64            7.29.0-42.el7_4.1               updates            219 k
 libsmbclient                  x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            130 k
 libwbclient                   x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            104 k
 procmail                      x86_64            3.22-36.el7_4.1                 updates            171 k
 samba                         x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            633 k
 samba-client                  x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            598 k
 samba-client-libs             x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            4.7 M
 samba-common                  noarch            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            197 k
 samba-common-libs             x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            164 k
 samba-common-tools            x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            456 k
 samba-libs                    x86_64            4.6.2-12.el7_4                  updates            265 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  13 Packages

Total download size: 7.9 M

Edit: NTLM auth still works after updating upstream packages

smbclient -d 10 -U ... //IP/share
Starting GENSEC mechanism spnego
Starting GENSEC submechanism gse_krb5
Cannot do GSE to an IP address
Failed to start GENSEC client mech gse_krb5: NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER
Starting GENSEC submechanism ntlmssp
ntlmssp_check_packet: NTLMSSP signature OK !

Bug is still undisclosed

I don’t know how it deals with old SMB1 clients… Any idea?

Also dc container should be update at least to samba 4.6.11 (maintenance mode) or 4.7.3

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I think that nothing will change, SMB1 will be working as before.

No idea. Samba 4.7.0 (old) release notes said:

A the DC package is ready for testing:

yum install

I tested the update on a production server. The DC package has been released.

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