Imapsync scheduling choices

imap sync is nice to have scheduling choices beyond 60 min - like once a day

Hi @Ivelin_Topalov,
what would be the use case that can fit this kind of “more then one hour” imapsync schedule?

well im using this server as a backup mail server so once a day sync is enough

also in old v.7 it was good enough made to shcedule it as u wish …
I dont like at all that the new version totally lack of detailed configurations

I also do not like a lot of the current status of NS8, but as stated on other places… it’s growing.

Current stated goal is “replicate most functions as possibile that NS7 had”, however this smaller details might be overseen for current status.
Glad you asked and bump up the usecase/need.

I hope that the setting will be available again.
(not related in any way with Nethesis nor the project, so I don’t know if it will happen or not).

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it looks nice with sliders and menuchoices but i prefer more detailed full control menu

Please read the readme of the ns8-imapsync on github, you can run your own cron and thus make your one day sync

I do myself a backup of mail emails but with rsync and one day is just too long.

I just do not get the point but probably a manual imapsync cron in the container like described in the documentation could help you

tnx but thats pointless response why making system unuseable as needed and then making underneath modifications istead ro make it right working like in ver.7 … and thats not only for imap module - all lack of config possibilities … i can make it ofc but its advice for improvement

and what exactly u cant get - just once a day rsync outside the working hours istead of eating all net while people need it couse if u dont shape rsync it will use enrite bandwith while working…

Nethserver-mail-imasync on ns7 is designed to be started manually even if you could add manually a systemd service with a cron

Maybe you are confused with getmail that is not ported to NS8 ?

ur right there no schedule in 7 - the point is 8 has it but not enough confugurable.

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