Imapsync Panel needs your love and QA

We have recently done a new tools for migration of email to nethserver with imapsync:

the QA needs your test at :

For now it is only a manual sync, fill your settings, then press sync. You have a button to sync all configured account.

Special thank to all the @dev_team, they helped a lot.


Thanks a lot for this feature. I have used imapsync when I switched from Zentyal 3.2 to Nethserver 7 (a long time ago…)
I can really recommend this tool for migrating mail from one server to another.


Can we test this by installing/enabling your mail repo?

It’s in nethserver-testing:

yum install --enablerepo=nethserver-testing nethserver-mail-server nethserver-mail-imapsync


Thank you.

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Excellent work @stephdl! :wink:


This looks like it really has potential–I’m trying to move my parents onto my server from their Gmail accounts, and having a nice GUI way to move all their existing email into the new account will make it easier.

The imapsync docs note that there’s a flag for gmail–does this panel support that flag?



Phénomenal, Stephane!

Mes deux centimes

don’t know, if needed, please come back with the Feature request

In short we trigger a systemd template for each imapsync instance, you can find the systemd service at

are you referring to ???

 --expunge1 is optional. It deletes messages marked \Deleted on host1.
Imapsync syncs messages with all their flags, Gmail takes the messages
marked \Deleted but deletes or moves them just after.
Option --expunge1 really removes messages marked \Deleted on host1 
so they are not synced at all.

No, I’m referring to the --gmail1 and --gmail2 flags, which designate the source and destination accounts, respectively, as Gmail.

the question is Q. How to synchronize from Gmail to Gmail?
the answer is

R. Use the following example:

imapsync  \
           --user1 \
           --password1 gmailsecret1 \
           --user2 \
           --password2 gmailsecret2 \
           --gmail1 --gmail2 

if I understand correctly it is to sync gmail to gmail, we have developped this UI to fetch a remote IMAP account to NethServer, we did not designed to be a full imapsync UI

for a webUI you have

No, the question is How to synchronize from Gmail to XXX? And the answer is:

R. Use this example:

imapsync \
           --user1 \
           --password1 gmailsecret \
           --host2 localhost \
           --user2 tata \

Or, replacing what does --gmail1 (values are from imapsync 1.970):

imapsync \
           --host1 \
           --ssl1 \
           --user1 \
           --password1 gmailsecret \
           --host2 localhost \
           --user2 tata \
           --password2 tatasecret \
           --maxbytespersecond 40_000 \
           --maxbytesafter 2_500_000_000
           --automap \
           --maxsleep 2 \
           --skipcrossduplicates \
           --useheader="X-Gmail-Received" \
           --useheader "Message-Id" \
           --regextrans2 "s,\[Gmail\].,," \
           --folderlast  "[Gmail]/All Mail"

this has not been implemented, please break it and come back with what you need

What about create a new topic on #announcements category?
Feel free to create it so I can edit afterwards

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yep the topic #announcements category already exists, it should be better I think

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Oh that’s a great addition really ! I used it to migrate users to NS some times ago I wish it existed at that time.

I remember that I needed some switch to add date and time to Headers for sent messages or something. I’ll have a look to my notes.

Matthieu G. (en mode mobile)


Leave this here I will create a new topic next week with additional info.

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I was able to migrate successfully from one remote mail server to a locally hosted one. First thought of mine was “hey, it works right out of the box :grinning:.” Emails came over without a problem and immediately were populating in SOGo for me.

Possible future feature request - scheduling & email notification updates. I know this really isn’t designed to be a backup-like setup but it would be highly useful if there were some scheduling feature to run a group/all/single user at a given time interval and then have an email notification sent out with the results.


can this transfer emails from nethserver to another server running emails?