Imapsync batch file

hello everyone I wanted to know how to make imapsync synchronize mail every day at time x

thank you

You could use a cron job to run imapsync at a specific time. There’s a crontab manager module.

To start the configured imapsync for user testuser:

systemctl start imapsync@testuser@domain.tld

thank you for the answer but I can’t find the installation module

Could you please elaborate more?

then yum install nethserver-crontabmanager --enablerepo=stephdl
the response is
Error getting repository data for stephdl, repository not found

You need to install the repository first as explained in the wiki.


ok i have installed the crontabmanager but the programm not starting

@m_farlotta you should add the schedule after the install of crontabmanager.
Markuz suggested this command as example

The command should be adapted in syntax to match your server and user.