IMAP settings for Outlook and Thunderbird

I have been trying to set up Outlook and Thunderbird as imap mail clients to my NethServer. Both client and server are on the same internal network.

On the Server imap is enabled. Neither client can find the settings automatically and the various combinations I have tried do not connect . The IMAP log says:

Feb 17 19:27:22 nethserver1 dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (auth
failed, 2 attempts in 30 secs): user=myloginname, method=PLAIN,
rip=, lip=, TLS: Disconnected,

The documentation gives some guidance on client settings but these do not correspond directly to the settings in the client. Are there any screen grabs of the correct settings or do I need to allow something on the server although dovecot is allowed from green and red networks in Security.


Ehi Tom, how is it going?
Try with port 143 IMAP/TLS and 587 SMTP/TLS :slight_smile:

With Thunderbird, for local only with NS, with all the NS email security settings checked, I use;

server name; hostname or ip
user name;
port 143
normal pwd

for outgoing, since my NS installs allow local relay, I just use port 25 without auth, bear in mind that my network is secured in other various ways and my NS mail servers are standalone, not gateways.

with Thunderbird, if you’re using a local server you must advance to the advanced settings when your creating a new account otherwise you’ll never get past the new acct creation.

Working perfectly with the above settings. I had other problems in relation to using correct ip address and password ! :slight_smile: . Thanks for the help.

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Thunderbird for IMAP mail + Lightning for calendar + SoGo connector for contacts is now working very well for me. If you want a client instead of web access it is a good solution. It is working for me both in Windows and Linux.