Image Running on Banana Pi M2 Ultra

NethServer Version: 7.6
I want to setup a banana pi m2u, but the raspberry pi image doesn’t work. Only red LED. Also tried an Ubuntu image for bpi m2u, this works.
It’s my first arm and I don’t know anything about installing it, can somebody give me tips, what I have to do to install nethserver? Here is a short overview of the Hardware:
Thanks in advance Michael.

AFAIK Raspberry Pi uses BCM SoC. Banana Pi use… another kind of SoC (Allwinner R40/V40).
End of the game…

I found a centos image for the banana pi.

After starting up centos you may try to install nethserver arm:

yum install

And like described in the install docs or in the wiki:


It’s an older image and I never tested it (no hardware) but it should be a good starting point.


Thanks, I will try this. Will be back with a result next days.

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Hi Markus,
tested an image from

this works, my next step is installing nethserver on it.


Nethserver is running on banana pi m2 ultra

I only wonder that it only shows a 6,67 GB root partition. I’ve put the CentOS Image to a 64 GB SD-Card and after booting CentOS from SD-Card I installed nethserver.



Great that it works!

Just execute following command to use the whole space:



Thanks Markus, I had to install cloud-utils-growpart before, but after that it runs perfectly.

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