IM is rapidly becoming the primary way users communicate via multiple devices

After spending some time talking with @Nas about the Jabber (instant messaging) protocol, I am intending to write about the best use of Jabber / XMPP within NS.

I want to examine a number of things, including:

a. Open source / cross platform Jabber clients for desktops

b. Open source clients for mobile devices (eg. Android and IOS)

c. How to incorporate Jabber (XEP) standards into NS
– including:

  • XEP-0163: Personal avatars
  • XEP-0280: Message carbons syncing between multiple clients
  • XEP-0313: Message archive management / offline synchronizing
    • XEP-0363: File sharing within conferences and offline contacts.

d. How to incorporate Jabber into other frameworks (such as owncloud and Joomla etc.)

e. Comparing server software such as ejabbrd, Prosody, Openfire, Tigase and Apache Vysper

If anybody has any thought about this subject then please feel free to contribute to this post.


That’s a gorgeous todo list :rainbow: I’m really excited to read it :+1:
Extending the service in this direction would be a great thing, thanks for your time and purpose!
Looking forward to your achievements!

To summarize our conversation with @medworthy :

has already peresent in our Ejabberd ,

We are on testing stage , after compiling the module.

We’ll keep community in touch.

As it is newes modules, our version of ejabberd could not handle it. It should be checked.

As for this module :

And for this :


Good! Please keep us in touch and share your result so we can help with :slight_smile:

I hvae been thinking about this, I use eJabbid, and iSymphony, Especially because I am very involved in Voip and PBX. But something that I have found very useful, is Slack, very interactive, very usefull and so easy to incorporate into other systems… Eish, its a dream.

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Thanks @clinton , I will have a look at both ISymphony and Slack when I get some free time.

OSS replacement for slack and jabber compatible could be let’s chat, it’s a young piece of software but the idea is quite interesting

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Nice idea, but as @alefattorini states, Let’s Chat does need some time and more development to reach as a mature application / framework.

Guys is there anybody who uses Lets Chat, I use Slack in an organization,
and the reason is due to the compatiblity and hooks, especially, as the
developers do a lot of PHP applications, so notifications etc happen

Any other SLACK’ers out there, that have moved across.
Its a pity slack cant be hosted individually on user’s own servers.

What is concerning with both Let’s Chat and SLACK… Open-Source hosting
cannot be free forever…Like all good things, commercial temptation takes
over and like g**gle, things do go money hungry.
" is an open source hosting platform for personal/private
instances of web apps. Users can upload and install arbitrary software
through a simple app-store-like web interface. In addition to better
privacy, this is the only way to make Open Source web apps viable.



Agreed, have something similar to SLACK could be pretty interesting is interesting and It worths a new topic, click on “Reply as linked topic”
Another cool app like slack is but as “Let’s chat” it’s hard to install on NethServer

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