Ignore multimap whitelist from when email sent with several recipients

Hello @stephdl, I was able to come up with a solution for the post you linked thanks to @saitobenkei. As you can see he helped me create a custom template.


Thank you for sharing the link @jfernandez, it looks promising!

I hope @Nikotinee can find some good hints to adjust his system configuration.

Great, but the method described by @fernandez. solves only the issue of local mail and its control within the same domain as far as I understand( this can be solved even more primitivny, prohibit the postfix service to go to the red interface). I have a list of white addresses that are located in different external domains. Is there any way to solve my problem? I will repeat that there was no hole in the plan of mailing on a set of mailboxes. If the mailing list contains at least one address from the white list, then all other addresses are not checked.

We have a card on it but we are still checking the pro and the cons to change the actual behavior.

No eta

Hello! is there any news on the issue?

There is still no interest to change the current behavior by my side. Disabling whitelisting with multiple recipients could be correct IMO but requires a bit of QA work.

The Block-to is a separate new feature.

For that sake I’d like seeing some custom templates.