IDN broken in UI

UI not alow add domain begin xn-- with error "host name with domain"
Manualy add to config file is working.

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I guess the problem arises with the double minus sign ā€œā€“ā€. That sequence does not match the validation regexp.

Anyway that sequence seems allowed by Wikipedia, at least

Could you suggest any other reference to fix the bug?

IDN is standardized with ACE prefix (xnā€“).
And from year 2009 allowed and now widely used for example in EU TLD

Without repaired bug "add IDN domain record"
in to user interface is not usable in Europe. I mean the unusable for general users. IT technician can use a configuration files, but then litle becomes meaningless use NethServer.

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Thank you for pointing it out and for the provided information! We can now record the bug on