Icaro System installation

Hi peeps

im new here and i already love nethserver.

Im up to the point to start using the hotspot. have you seen anywhere a detailed tutorial? in my opinion the documentation is not clear on how to install.

thanks in advance

You can follow this doc: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/dedalo.html
Say us what is not clear.

The tutorial is talking about droplet from Digital ocean

what if i have my own datacenter and i want to spin up my own vm?

Hi guys

Im running a small data center and im trying to setup icaro server. i went through the docs but no luck… the documentation is talking about digital ocean droplets.

Are you familiar with vagrant? (I cannot help you much as I’m not familiar with vagrant.)
On the vagrant file the default vm provider is virtualbox so, if I understand correctly, the digital ocean droplet only will be used if specified in the --provider parameter of vagrant up command call.

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It seems to work with virtualbox and libvirt/qemu.
I managed to run the server vm with both libvirt and virtualbox but I couldn’t connect to the Hotspot Manager on port 443/8080 because of SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG
Caddy is available on port 80/8081.

I tested on Ubuntu 18 and Fedora 31.
I tried tls: "auto" and tls: "self-signed" in icaro/ansible/group_vars/all.yml as described here without success.

You need to install ansible, vagrant, git, and virtualization (libvirt or virtualbox).

vagrant tries to guess the installed virtualization but you can use

vagrant up --provider=libvirt


vagrant up --provider=virtualbox




Did your problem still appears? If so, @mrmarkuz and me worked out, how to install icaro on a local server without a digital ocean droplet. Perhaps you can try it and give some feedback if we have missed something at our howto.

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