IANA commits to .internal for internal domain

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perhaps not uninteresting for some of us.



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More than some.

i can imagine the amount of work it wpuld take to have all routers updated to automatically route accordingly. Now that they are creating this, would it have a dedicaed internal dns with subdomains also.

Hey, this is just noob speak, please be gentle with me here

In a world of external service providers, relay to an internal DNS server which should not be overconfigured for mimic and relay to external services, IMVHO is a nice touch to rely on a proper “not public” domain extension.
Microsoft for a quite long period of time “endorsed” .local extension, but did not gain traction enough.

ICANN proposal IMVHO makes sense. If IANA will approve it, could be a way to avoid issues.

For anyone reading this post: if there’s any chance… any that the server you’re designing might be accessible from outside your network , design since minute 0 a public FDQN and register it in your public DNS server. You can still delete it later, or create CNAME if the first name is not good enough for sharing. Keep your network solid considering problems before happen.

.local also conflicted with Apple Bonjour…

And other systems…

Their (MS) clients “forced” them to stop endorsing this.

If anyone here reads and actually understands ICANN / IANA: they’re saying, as always, and the correct way, is to use a subdomain of your real domain!


So, in reality, this just cleans up docs, but is no real issue.

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