I would like to upgrade my partition disk space


I’m experimenting with NethServer 7.9.2009. I’ve made a fresh installation in a new virtual machine in VMWare.
I’m trying to test if I can add some space to the partition disk, without having to create new one.
In a few words, which is the best way (if there’s any) to manually rezise and add space to the disk?

This is my current situation (you’ll notice disk is empty but that’s for testing purposes… I would need to upgrade that root one).

Thanks in advance for any support.


Hi @giacof

See here:


This has been tested several times and “just works”.
It’s nevertheless best practice to make a backup of your VM in Proxmox first!

Have fun.

Upsizing is fast and easy.
Downsizing is a lot of work, via Backup & Restore…

My 2 cents